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Project Title: Livelihood Assistance and Construction of Potable Water Supply in Two Barangays in Bohol

Project Site: Barangay Cambitoon in the Municipality of Inabanga, and Barangay Bawod in the Municipality of President Carlos P. Garcia in Bohol

Project Proponent:
Community Empowerment Resource Network, Inc.(CERNET)

Nature of the Project: Grant        
Timeframe: June 01 – October 30, 2014

Amount transferred by PHILNETZ e.V. : 
€ 9.286,00

This project seeks to assist residents in the municipalities of Inabangga and President Carlos P. Garcia (CPG)  in the northern part of Bohol who were badly affected by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. The project will provide livelihood assistance in the form of fishing boats and other fishing equipments to 25 household members of the people’s organization in CPG (Nagkhiusang Mananagat sa Bawocd-NAMABA) in Barangay Bawod, and the provision of safe potable water to more or less 100 household in Barangay Cambitoon in Inabanga.
Two motorized pump-boats will be given to NAMABA which shall be managed by the organization. Fishing equipment will be distributed to each individual members of the organization. Two water supply source will be constructed in Barangay Cambitoon, Inabanga. Water from the ground will be pumped out through a) an electric pump and stored in a concrete water tank which will serve as a water reservoir for the community. A main line will be attached to the water tank which will serve as a supply line to the different sitios in the barangay; b) a jetmatic pump (manual pump) which will serve as addional source and as an alternative in case of brown-outs and during times when the electric pump is damaged or ongoing repairs. The women’s PO, Hugpong Mag-uumang Kababayen-an sa Cambitoon (HUMAKACA) will be CERNET’s partner in the implementation of the water project.
At least 100 households in Barngay Cambitoon will have access to safe drinking water thus lessening their vulnerability to water borne illness; at least 25 families in the municipality of CPG will have food on their table every day.

A narrative and audited financial report will be provided by CERNET to Philnetz in December 2014
26.10.2014 E. Liwag Kotte
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